Oh reckless a boy wonder so quiet nose broken

Oh you're standing there look tired as you're singing

And you're on fire, they're throwing punches

I'm Aden. I'm addicted to twitter, I'm 28, and I'm in the very early stages of trying to get an MLS. Very early. Things you'll see here? Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, comics with a Batman bias, book quotes, romance novels stuff, people I love looking at, and assorted chatter! P.S. If I suddenly Reblogged or Liked something and you don't know me, chances are that I follow you on Steph.
My sidebar image is a slightly altered piece of art by Dustin Nguyen. So few images that come through here are by me, and if they are, I'll let you know.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- oh wait, that’s laser beams"


really cool art of female characters with unnecessary panty shots


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'Snowdrop & other tales' by the Brothers Grimm; illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Published 1920 by E.P. Dutton & Company, New York.

See the complete book here.



next time you get rick rolled try and act like you’ve never heard the song before

get real flustered and be like “wow… I didn’t realize that was how you felt?”


This will help you write good.


So that post about how when you don’t know a word in a book and you just read it ahkdjhjkhafdja in your head, and then when its a name and you have to do that for the whole book? Yeah that’s basically me in every sentence of the Silmarillion though like

"And then Hadfjjd came to JhKjgsks with their people and they were called the Askdjhg and then Yavanna did something and then Hkjajfak in Middle-earth went to Kjhjfdsha which was also called Gjksdhfs and Fkjafah. "


the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry


the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry

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My Etsy store is officially open! 

Every embroidery is handmade. None are perfect, nor will any two be identical. But they’re cute as hell and will either offend or delight people. Either way, they’re fun.

I am currently only shipping to the US. Apologies to all you international cuties! If you are absolutely desperate to have one of my pieces are are willing to pay like $20 for shipping, then let me know and I can work it out for you.

I only have 9 pieces available for purchase right now. You can custom order or wait till I have more if you don’t see something you like/someone buys it before you can.

Remember, swearing can be respectable if you say it with confidence and enunciate.